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We are a Romanian business, specialized in meat processing. Since 2000, we offer properly made cold cuts and meat products, like we do in Transylvania. We truly deliver honest products. We check every step of the process and control quality extremely well.

We have a diversified and well structured production that satisfies all tastes, and also makes a unique mark on the processed meat market, through quality and originality. We produce more than 80 individual products, structured in three ranges. From raw-dried products, prepared by combining traditional methods with high-specialty production technology, to processed products, cooked, cured and smoked, prepared to the highest standards of quality and food safety.

We address to partners who are informed and willing to offer their customers outstanding, high quality, fresh products, prepared with care and attention, under conditions that comply with all European food production safety rules.


We are proud to be an exemplary Romanian business. We are recognized in Transylvania as a stable company, that has grown by its own effort. We believe that the safest way is the one you make for yourself, with diligence and ambition. We keep our way and make every step with perseverance. We maintain verticality, no matter what. We do not ever compromise on the quality of our work or the products that walk out through our gates. We are a united team, who always managed to develop and function in harmony.


We exist to provide quality and honesty to our customers through our products, the result of an exemplary, healthy business, made with care and respect for the community.


We believe in…

Perseverance: We make things happen. We have an iron will, which guides us to our goal. We always pursue our goals with patience, perseverance and determination.

Hard-work: We are industrious. We work diligently every day, so that we constantly deliver value to our customers and business partners. With great perseverance, we are able to deliver results effectively.

Team: We are united. We believe that each of us has a vital role in our business’ success. We rely on the expertise of each team member and learn from each other.

Honesty: We do things right, like we would for ourselves. Out of respect for the consumer and the community, we do everything as it should be done. We are honest in what we deliver, without compromise.


The „Agra Internațional” company, as Agra's was originally named, was established in 2000, following the takeover of an asset of S.C. Agra Alba S.A., a company specializing in meat processing.

Agra's started up with only a meat processing unit and a slaughter house, with low technical equipment. In the first year, the production continued with the existing equipment, using raw materials purchased domestically and from its own slaughter house. Production capacity was quite low, of about 500 kg / day.

Starting 2001, Agra's gave up the slaughter house, and began importing the raw materials needed for production, along with developing the customer base and distribution network. Following the increase in turnover and profit, constant investments were made – expanding production capacity and storage spaces, purchasing of new equipment, developing the logistics, and adopting a unitary marketing policy.

In the next 4 years, investments were continued, with further development of the production and sales facilities, purchasing of new equipment, and steadily developing the employees’ team.

In 2005, Agra’s initiated its main investments program, for developing the "Industrial Meat Processing Complex" (SAPARD Program). The complex was completed and opened in October 2006, having a processing capacity of 40 tons/ day, the investment totalling EUR 4 million. Through this program, significant investments in equipment, fleet and IT were made. These focused mainly on the development of the meat processing facilities, these being presently fully equipped with the latest technology, and with a production capacity of 14,000 tons/ year, the construction of an integrated refrigerating storehouse, with a storage capacity of 400 tons frozen raw materials, and development of the distribution fleet, through the acquisition and equipping of 30 vans and 30 cars, for Agra’s commercial agents.

In 2007, Agra's became a joint stock company, which brought over a number of changes at the organizational, commercial and production management levels.

2010 marked the entrance on the retail market, by launching the Agra’s stores network. Currently, the store chain includes 7 market and supermarket-type outlets, and the company is planning to expand this business in future.

In 2016, Agra’s will finalize the modernization and expansion of production facilities for raw-dried and cured products.


Dan Sărmășan – President of the Administration Board

Sanda Stîncel – General Manager

Andrei Sărmășan – Executive Manager


Paul Bălșan – Trade Manager

Geani Tomuș – Sales Manager

Simona Cremene – Financial Manager

Ioan Lăluț – Production Manager


Dorin Dreghiciu – Bucharest Area Sales Manager

Robert Buciuman – West Area Sales Manager

Oltița Trifa – Store Chain Coordinator

Cătălin Oprinca – Store Chain Coordinator


Agra's Alba Iulia Headquarters

25 Biruinței St, Oarda, Alba Iulia, Alba

tel.: +40 258 81 17 14; fax: +40 258 81 28 79



Agra's Bucharest Storage Facility

162 Splaiul Unirii rd, Bucharest - 4

tel.: +40 732 90 01 10


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