Seasonal Products

December 2015

The flavors of our childhood, so dear to everybody, have led us into preparing several specialties for our customers, that surely will remind of the flavors of long ago, when ”sacrificing the pig” and preparing it for Christmas, was a true festive time in Transylvanian houses.

Home-made Toba – prepared from pork head, rind, jowl, salt, pepper and garlic.

Leber Sausage or “maioș”, as it is called in Transylvania (a regionalism coming from the local word for pork liver, "mai") – prepared from pork liver, bacon, neck meat, salt, pepper, thyme, roasted onions.

Smoked Blood Sausage – a special dish, made from meat from the neck, cut in cubes by knife, bacon, jowl, blood or plasma, salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary. With an unmistakable flavor, the Smoked Blood Sausage is cherished by gourmets and beyond.

Home-made Fillet – made from boneless pork chop or "pecia" as it is called in Transylvania and Banat, rolled in brine and then dried and smoked as it should be.

Home-made Smoked Shoulder – produced similarly to the Home-made Fillet, the shoulder offers a different meat texture, being fatter and smoked longer.

Țigănesc Fillet – a combination of boneless chops and boneless shoulder, weltered in brine and pepper, and well smoked. It is a successful combination for the most pretentious.

We have not forgotten the Transylvanian bacon and greaves, fried for as long as they should be, and Christmas dinner is ready.

Served with seeds bread, onion, mustard, or anything else each desires, our products go straight to your soul and remind of the magic of the childhood traditional meals.

We wish you Bon Appetit!

Closer to You

October 2015

Come in Agra's stores!

We are welcoming you with products for all tastes, special offers and daily, fresh cold cuts and other meat products!

Our stores are open daily, from Monday-Saturday, 700-2200, and Sunday, 800-2200.

Modernization of Production Facilities

September 2015

Starting 2015, our production plant in Alba Iulia has entered a process of updating, expansion and improvement of production facilities.

In November, 2015, we completed the modernization project for the delivery cargo area and the seasoning storage facility. During January-February 2016, we plan to build a new air-conditioning space for raw-dried products, which will continue with increasing the capacity for the thermal treatment unit, planned for March 2016. Upgrading the specialties unit is also planned for 2016. These modernization and expansion projects will bring improvements to the production processes and they will also help to increase the current production capacity.


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